If you have made it to the about page, I thank you.

When I was listing the website on various search engines, the suggestion was to write engaging content to attract customers.

If you are here, you are engaged.

Again, I thank you.

This page is about Redemption Inkworks, not me (I have a page for that .. click the link

Redemption, in the Oxford English Dictionary

  1. The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
    In singular A thing that saves someone from error or evil.
  2. The action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.
  3. archaic The action of buying one’s freedom.

Ok, kind of preachy, but how does that apply to the shop?

Redemption Inkworks strives to provide customers with the following:

  1. A tattoo you came in to get, executed to the best of our ability.
  2. Aftercare instructions that will keep it looking good
    (In Print per DHEC guidelines and online in case you lose the paper)
  3. A reasonable time frame in which to get the tattoo.
    Yes, we have posted hours, but ,we will tattoo you, when you are ready.
  4. A reasonable price … no it won’t be as cheap as some
    of the prices you will find, but then in the end it won’t look cheap either.
  5. Sterile, disposable, single use needles and tubes.
  6. A drama free environment.

  • We will follow up with you about touch-ups and seeing how it is healing. We are human, we miss some, but we try.
  • Yes, the shop is still blue … but we can’t do everything at once.
  • If we can’t help meet your needs, we will suggest people who can (those are the people that do my ink when I want it done right)
  • In short, Redemption Inkworks strives to be everything that I think is good
    in the industry and hopefully isn’t any of the things I find wrong.
  • We prefer appointments, but always welcome walk-ins.
    Know this, we will never rush to complete a tattoo because people are waiting in the client area.
  • We want your experience to be the best it can be every time you come in the door. To that end, we do not do tap-outs sessions, if your skin cannot take any more ink for whatever reason, the artist is going to stop and will schedule an appointment for another time. It is in your best interest …
  • We will not do any tattoos that promote hatred, period!
  • We cannot, by law tattoo your face, neck or head, wish we could, but we can’t.
    No amount of pressure or money will change that.
  • We offer discounts to military, police, first responders and animal rescuers.
    They do good things, so they get rewarded.
  • We want to hear about your tattoo idea, leave the pricing until after we have talked. The outcome may surprise you.

Pricing Information

  • A deposit is required for ALL custom work
  • Shop minimum is $80.
  • Names are $80, we aren’t engravers, so there is not a price per letter.
  • We price cover-ups as new tattoos. You were obviously hurt by the first experience in some way, so why should it happen again to fix it.
  • Refreshing a tattoo is $100 per hour, run with a stop watch. You don’t have to do it all at once. It is a challenge to match another artist’s style, so it costs more.
  • We don’t do portraits … long boring story, if you want to know, come in and ask.
  • We don’t do piercing at this time … ‘nuff said.
  • We don’t sell designs … if you take a design we have sent you a draft of to another artist, that is on you. We find out, don’t come back.
  • We treat people the way we want to be treated – try and do the same.
  • We believe in the 1st and 2nd amendments and exercise them to the fullest.
  • We stand by the work of our artists. So if you have an issue, let’s talk about it face to face.
  • Unless we have tattooed you before don’t call and ask for pricing on the phone.
    Come see us, we know people are busy, but it is hard to be accurate without knowing all the details.

Are you engaged?
Are you interested?
This is what Redemption Inkworks is … to the core. 
Forget the past, Enjoy the present! 
Embrace the future of tattooing in Prosperity
and the surrounding area.