The truth of it is …

Some people think I can’t draw because I do all of my design work on the computer.  That could not be farther from the truth.  I do design work the way I do to overcome my executive functioning issues and OCD.  I want the linework clean when it comes time to stencil.  I don’t want the client to have to wait while I resize a drawing or rework an arrangement at the last minute.  Yesterday, I stepped way outside my comfort zone.  Both the customer and I are very pleased with the outcome thus far.  No stencil, no sharpie, just me my machine and my skills.   Session 1 complete (oh and for the critics who wonder why I only got this far, the client has fibromyalgia and had to take more breaks).  The dragon was already there, but the client wanted it to be in an environment suitable for hatching a dragon.  IMG_1154


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